Grow your business after Covid-19

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How to grow your business after the COVID-19 Pandemic: B2B

The world, the economy and people have been hit extremely hard by the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Getting the economy back on the rise is good for everyone’s business particularly in the B2B sector. But what can you do to close some new deals and bring improved cash flow?

Re-establish old contracts.

If you have lost business through no fault of your own then certainly reconnect with old contacts. The projects may not be ready to go ahead or may have slightly changed; keep yourself top of mind with decision-makers.

Now is the perfect time to go through your previous customer list in your CRM and start tagging contacts who you are going to reach out to once the situation improves. A key thing to do is connect with your contacts and their companies on LinkedIn. Be aware of any updates so that you know the right time to reach out.

Existing contacts in new roles.

The impact of COVID-19 has caused millions of lost jobs and will be looking for new roles in their industries. If you work in a niche industry and can help any old contacts with an introduction to a new business. Or if a contact has landed a new role, reach out and see if they have any projects you are able to advise on.

Before the pandemic having a contact leave a role was a two-sided coin. On one side you would need to prove yourself to their replacement (who likely would have had their own preferred supplier). But on the other hand, you had an in with a new business. The same applies now, reach out and provide value to old contacts.

Get in contact with old prospects.

When business was normal in 2019, your sales department would have been working with new prospects and exploring opportunities. Obviously these will be harder to win but tag them in your CRM review communications so far and reach out to them. Check-in on business and see what projects they have coming up.

Acquire new leads

It is daunting, restarting marketing efforts. But as demand begins to rise for services again ensure you are the first and strongest to market. With reduced demand, there will be reduced competition but the purchase intent will be much higher. Therefore if you can acquire the lead you will be far more likely to close the deal.
Google Ads has announced huge ad credits for customers who have had active accounts since Jan 2019. Free PPC advertising is a risk-free way to get back into the market.
If you want to capitalise on the free Google Ads credit or if you would like an audit of your current account please get in touch.

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