Meet the team

Caleb Wynne


Caleb founded Wynne Digital after a successful agency career in both Melbourne and London. Realising the agency model is about growing the agency and rarely the client’s business,  Caleb decided to start his own and change that.

On June 15th 2020 when retail shops in London re-opened, Caleb launched WD.

When Caleb isn’t discussing client results he is usually chewing someone’s ear off about travel, skateboarding, BMX racing, motorbikes, Australian rules football or Star Wars.

Thomas Silvey

Digital Designer

Thomas Silvey began his journey with Wynne Digital following a successful employee relationship with Caleb. Upon founding Wynne Digital, Caleb reached out to Thomas to help with Wynne Digital’s branding & design.

What came next was everything you see here, Caleb’s foray into digital marketing partnered with Thomas’ design expertise has proved to be a successful venture.

Working together they aim to develop & provide beneficial digital marketing to clients all over the globe.

Anthony Beckford


Caleb and Anthony previously worked together client side, using both their skills in tandem to find the results that they needed.
Anthony has now come onboard as Wynne Digital’s development gun and we are yet to find a code problem the man can’t solve.
Since WD’s launch he has been our go-to guy for all things development, showing us all the wild & wonderful things you can achieve with good code.
Not only can the man code, but we think he might just be Wynne Digital’s most stylish team member as well.

How can the DCA method work for you?

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