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Google Ads

Google’s Ads platform can reach 90% of internet users. It enables you to show up in the number one spot on the search results page, show ads to people streaming YouTube on their TV.

There is no faster way to bring traffic and results to your business. Though it comes at a cost, running Google ads in efficiently can be a black hole of time and money.

At Wynne Digital we are certified by Google to manage Google Ads accounts. With years of experience we running successful campaigns we have the right PPC strategies to get results for your business quickly.

If you are already running Google Ads or you are looking to get started. Drop us a line for a free audit or strategies on getting started.

Google Ads | The Number 1 spot

It's like a race-car

Being in the number 1 spot on the Google search results page for a keyword relevant keyword that has massive search volume. That would surely make a positive impact to your business. Of course, that may not be the most effective use of your budget. If you’ve got a pro driver in a race-car you can get around the track at lightning speed. If you’ve got an amateur you could wipe out on the first corner which will end up costing you a lot.

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Build your account, create (aero)dynamic ads. Then take it for a spin. Let the budget spend burn some fuel and collect some data.

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Bring it in, what have we learned, what big changes do we need to make, and what 1%’s can we improve to get the maximum from our account.

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Let’s get out into the the Google Ads network  and start competing for the positions that works best for our strategy. 

In Practice

If you want to find out more about how the DCA method can work in a real business take a look at our case study on The Talent Manager and how we are tracking to increase their revenue by 25% in 2020. 

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