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Paid Social Media Advertising

Who are you selling to? The single most important question to answer when running a paid social media campaign.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have the ability to tightly refine audiences so you can send the right message to the right audience at the moment you will see the biggest impact.

At Wynne Digital we specialize in self-sustaining funnels by breaking down the individual milestones that we need to achieve within the buyer journey.

The next step is to tailor creative, copy and landing page experiences to each step to maximise impact.

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The platforms for getting noticed

The recipe for success

Plain and simple social media advertising is about influencing customers to choose your business over competitors. Above the line, buy in, top of funnel, acquisition strategy all terms used to describe the first stage of a successful advertising campaign. What is the first thing a cold audience will discover about your brand? Nail that, then nurture your customer through their consideration and purchase decisions for self sustaining long term success.

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What stands your business out from the crowd? Not just what you sell but your brand. What will customers get with their hard earned money.

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Who are you selling to? More importantly are they going to buy. You wouldn’t sell sports cars to children, but you also wouldn’t sell hammers to builders (they probably already have one). 

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Unless your product is so groundbreaking it sells itself your going to need to stand out from the crowd. How will you showcase your business.

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