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Getting traffic from Google and not having to pay per click is a pathway to amazing business growth. SEO success comes from committing to two of the following three things: time, money & effort. Of course if all three are an option even greater success can be achieved.

With over 200 ranking signals and algorithms that update regularly getting to the top can be difficult. Staying there can be even harder. At Wynne Digital we follow proven best practices and explain work being carried out in clear and honest terms.

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You’ve got to earn the top spot

What it takes

When Google is evaluating which businesses deserve to be on the front page or in the top positions it looks at over 200 signals. Of these two hundred signals makeup a delicate ‘score’ for a site. This is why you may see sites with that load slowly with barely any content still hold top positions. Investing in just one factor won’t get you anywhere, trying to do them all poorly won’t yield any benefit. Knowing what will have the biggest impact and how to implement it is key so white hat SEO.

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Is your site technically up to scratch and can Google crawl it? On-site optimisation is about technical changes to ensure the least friction between your site and Google’s bots.

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Not only do we need to prove to Google that you are an authority on your business but to your customers as well. Engaging content written to adhere to SEO best practice is key to success.

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You can be the best of the best in your industry. But true ‘authority’ comes from other people agreeing you are the best. Working with other webmasters to earn a vote of trust from them gives Google confidence your business.

In Practice

If you want to find out more about how the DCA method can work in a real business take a look at our case study on The Talent Manager and how we are tracking to increase their revenue by 25% in 2020. 

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