Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

“If This Then That” a simple statement and even the name of an useful automation app.

It is the foundation of any kind of automation. When a user completes a defined action we can tailor our message to them. From e-commerce to B2B marketing automation is both powerful and liberating. 

User adds item to cart, and doesn’t purchase. Send a followup email, simple and effective. But what if they still don’t purchase do we give up? 

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The digital world has gone through a revolution like the industry did in  17-1800’s. Just as factory owners no longer needed resources for individual tasks then, business owners today don’t need to spend time with time consuming tasks. Automating everything from bidding on keywords to answering FAQ’s allows you to work on the business, not in it.

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Define what a desirable action for your potential customer is. Then base logic on that for example “If customer views pricing page”. This is the first step or trigger.

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As a user is browsing the site we are constantly checking have they fired any triggers and if so what do we need to do next?

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Once we have proven the user has completed our desired set of steps what is the output we want. If they have viewed the pricing page we should get the sales team to get in touch.

In Practice

If you want to find out more about how the DCA method can work in a real business take a look at our case study on The Talent Manager and how we are tracking to increase their revenue by 25% in 2020. 

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